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Concealed Gun Classes, Canyon Lake and San Antonio, Texas

Qualify for your concealed handgun license at Shooters Defense in Canyon Lake and San Antonio, Texas, through their concealed gun classes. We provide instruction in firearms classes that include concealed handgun license, NRA classes, and basic handling of firearms in Texas.

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Concealed Hand Gun Class
Texans are required to take the CHL class in order to get their concealed handgun license to legally carry concealed handguns in Texas. The classes are held every Saturday of every week.

Learn the Laws
You learn the laws of Texas as well as a basic knowledge of the use of, and consequences of, deadly force. Our class also teaches you about the basic handling and storage of your firearms. Our CHL instruction fee is $80 per class, per student.

Basic Pistol Classes
Shooters Defense provides instruction to new pistol users on safely operating and handling a pistol. This class teaches you about all the mechanical parts of the pistol. You are also taught the proper way to grip the pistol and position your body to shoot it.


Man with Gun - Concealed Gun Classes in Canyon Lake, TX

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classes that tech you how to be a more safe and responsible gun owner.


Our owner has 23 years of experience with the police and in the military. He loves weapons and law enforcement, and enjoys passing along his knowledge and experience to help other people.

School teachers with propper ID wil get 50% off in all classes.